Proving God w/ Clouds: Triangle(ish) Clouds, Instagram…and More!

There are only 1000+ #trianglecloud on Instagram. Are triangle clouds common? They are for me.

Are they so common as to not even be worthy of note?

Clouds in the shapes of approximate (given that the forms are writ in vapor and dust by the tiny winds that move and hold the substance of clouds) equilateral triangles?

Is it like, a total normal and *duh* thing that I just don’t know about because I don’t consume a lot of media and have a relatively small and not-fully-informed life, like that time I didn’t know what Kpop is and how I still don’t know if I am spelling it right, with capitalization and hyphenation, non-hyphenation.

The photos are all from the past month or so. For more triangular triangle clouds, check out the galleries on this project’s portfolio page:

I will be adding additional posts of clouds that feature specific interesting characteristics, or that seem auspiciously similar to symbols or figures.

Thanks for your interest in this project and for your support of this work.

In other news, I set up an Instagram for #clouds and this #project. I don’t think the account will follow anyone, due to my social anxieties and social media anxieties. It is a not a personal account, per say, it’s a project account. This is, it seems, a project that follows no one. I am trying to post at least once a day, but not get pre-occupied with it. Instagram, however, is likely going to be an important tool in this work. Maybe. I dunno. Most social channels are over-saturated with everything. Maybe I’ll move to VSCO? Ugh. None of that matters. I am trying so hard not to get hung up with the minutiae, to focus on what’s important.

Let us begin with the triangle: rays & vertices, 60 degrees, equilateralism, all sides equal, angles equal.

How does wind form water & dust into a triangle?

What force clears the volume between the lines, making such fine edges?

There are many configurations of long lines & overlapping lines that can generate the phenomena of triangles.

Drop dry spaghetti on the floor, you’ll like find triangles.

Aircraft contrails, three of them flying wherever they are flying & crossing the path of another – doesn’t matter at what altitude. Light from a prism. The sky is full of layers, unseen topographies evident only by the clouds held within them.

However, I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how all these #equilateral triangles ended up in the sky, manifesting as full-volume clouds, as negative space, with outlines/without outlines, triangles beside each other at the brink of cloudbank. How does that happen?

This is an earnest #inquiry on the mechanisms of cloud #physics that allow produce such phenomena.

It’s worth stating openly that this project (link in bio) is not about actually proving God – since I don’t know what God is – but, attempting to learn about the patterns & peculiarities in some cloudforms that may have informed our ancestral understanding of what God is & how God (and gods, syncretic, animist, poly, pan, all of them) works/work in the world & how the world works according to the interpretations of what was seen & experienced as divine wonders & impossibilities in the ancient skyscape.

This project documents one individual’s perception & their observation of cloudforms & their experience of meaning in relation to the sky, in broad context of a walking-talking life in an ecosystemic world.

It is worth noting, also, that while I attempt to maintain ‘#scientific #grounding’ (🤣) – this project, at its inception, did make me lose my mind in 2010.

For 11 years I have been watching clouds & thinking about clouds (fairly daily) & documenting cloudforms (on/off) that possess what I have observed to be inexplicably peculiar characteristics which a) repeat, & b) look like other things (like angels and animals and letters).

I need help with this project.