From July of 2009 to July of 2010, I drew a picture every day.

I set out to draw a picture everyday for a year, and I did that.

Some of the drawings from that year are featured here, and other drawings arose after the completion of that project.

My decision to draw a picture everyday for a year was an impulsive decision, something I just decided to do and that was that.

Often, when I make decisions like that – when I have a big idea and say, “Okay, I’m going to do it!” – I don’t actually end up doing the thing, or maybe I do it for a little while and then fall out of practice and intention.

For a number of reasons, I was determined to complete the drawing-everyday project.

Primary among my motivations was the simple desire to see a plan through. I quickly found that setting my aim to do something (in this case, draw a picture every day) and then doing that thing produced a definite sense of satisfaction and – equally important – helped me to avoid the familiar disappointment in myself that can easily come about as a result of letting my goals and intentions fall to the wayside through distraction or laziness.

In the course of working on and finishing this project in which I would draw a picture – any picture – everyday for a year, I ended up going through a fairly significant personal transformation.

It was not a tidy or pleasant ‘significant personal transformation.’

In addition to getting much better at drawing over the course of that year, I also lost my mind and ended up in a psychiatric hospital after trying to prove God with photos of clouds.


ghost with cats


shy dog   the pressure to not speak

high scented   the sacrum is a spade-shaped bone   the moments following the death of the narwhal


notitle   plucked   one eye open   fish/shell   lines become objects

boatman   boatchild

oceanography  soldierghost  the finery

cloud painting girl  soap opera    this child i know

scissoring   pumpkins   notes for drawing a whale skeleton from 2002  grocery shopping    notes for drawing the skull of a whale

body   baby lady   scalpel

map of home as I remember on a day in 1982   iron   hand

eggs and snakes   the snake house   hold the door    protrusion   broken floors  cat cleaning paw   hands   hanging curtains

the kill   mice

sleeping   squirrel

busstop   figuring

bird on bird   looking for keys in the water   dancer with shell skirt   seismograph   how to make a wire bird   blazer

present    tumbling wave bunnies   sacrum hat

mouse outside   looking out to sea   sea purse


teeth   pinecone   stars in space

narwhals   best friends   going